Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The price tag for government public notice so far -- $201,700

According to the fiscal note on HB222 (2007 session) and the State Archives administrator the following has been spent on the Utah Public Meetings Notice Web Site:

2008 appropriation $112,000 (startup)
2009 appropriation $71,700 (salary of administrator)
2009 Govenor's budget $18,000 (yearly maintenance cost for Utah Interactive)
TOTAL $201,700

Looking forward -- Ongoing yearly costs without any enhancements to the web site .. $92,600

HB 323 has a $100,000 fiscal note to provide enhancements to provide planning documents on the Public Notice Web Site.
SB208 currently has not fiscal note, but providing public notices from every entity in the state is likely to a much greater and involved task than the $100,000 originally spent for just providing public meeting notices online.

Cost of development of the Utah Press Association legal notices web site to taxpayers --- $0
Value to taxpayers of Utah Press Association ad campaign to help educate citizens about legal notices $500,000

Joel Campbell
Utah Press Association

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